RAREbit Studio is a two man games development team 

based in South Wales, UK! Making the games we want 

to make whenever we get the time.

GZS (Generic Zombie Shooter)


Zero Ads. Zero IAPs. 100% free to play fun.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us!

You have abandoned your home, stocked up on supplies and hit the open road. A zombie movie fan armed to the teeth with nothing to live for and everything to prove. 

Fight your way through multiple levels defending your barricade until the horde gets the better of you. Using an array of weapons against an unrelenting army of different types of zombie, how long can you survive?

Pick up and test your skill now! How high can you score before your guts are decorating the floor?

Infinite Loader


100% free. No Ads. No IAPs.

A deadly computer virus threatens the worlds systems, if it manages to uploaded banks will crash, the internet wiped out and Nukes will fly. Humanity as we know it is at stake and only you, armed with only your endurance and determination have the power to stop it.

Circuit Breaker


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